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Our Brand

Named after our director's Myers-Briggs personality, our brand seamlessly blends creativity, innovation, and authenticity, catering to high-end commercial design and dynamic youth groups. Our promise is a unique visual journey inspired by Japanese Anime, Disney cartoons, and 19th-century graphic designs, preserving the past while guiding posterity to the future.

Our Mission

At The Protagonist Design, we redefine the design landscape, empowering clients to think outside the box. Committed to unleashing limitless creativity

we enable everyone to be the protagonist of their unique story. In our innovative environment, clients captivate and inspire with designs reflecting individuality and aspirations.

Our Vision

We envision an empowered world where creativity speaks for the vulnerable. Striving for a future where every client, especially the marginalised, is the protagonist of their visual journey. Inspired by limitless creativity, we champion authenticity and altruism, 

speaking up for what's right through uniquely bold design, resonating with all hearts and minds.

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Our Director

Agnes, shifting between the INFJ (Advocate) and ENFJ (Protagonist) personalities of the 16 personalities, was born into a Catholic family in Hong Kong. Drawing from her diverse spiritual background, she currently practices Tibetan Buddhism, seamlessly integrating spirituality into her life for harmony and balance. As a Mensa member, Agnes intelligently expresses art using vibrant Japanese colors and geometric shapes. Through her designs, she crafts visual narratives that reflect the true nature of individuals, empowering them to become the protagonists of their own stories.

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